Step 1 - Are You Pre-Approved?  

To increase your purchasing power it is imperative to project a level of seriousness by being prepared. This simple Pre-Approval will help us shop for your next purchase in a comfortable price range, and help convey to the seller that you mean business. Talk to our Preferred Mortgage Professional Mr. Michael Gayda and schedule your Free Pre-Approval today.  Click Here to visit his website, or click “Apply Now” to get started with his streamlined Online Application. 

Be sure to do your Due Dilligence!  


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Searching For Your Property

Let us attack the property search from multiple directions so we find your perfect home efficiently and effectively.  

  • First, please complete this brief Home Buyer Questionnaire that will allow us to help you search for the home of your dreams.  We will email you listings for consideration and be ready to show them to you in person at a moment's notice.

  • Next, we can set a Free Home Finder Search Engine that will provide you direct access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The MLS is the system Realtors use and will contain the most accurate, up-to-date information on all available listings.  To begin, please contact us and an Agent will get started working with you immediately!


Our Preferred Lender!

​Mr. Michael Gayda

We have worked with Michael for several years and he has proven himself time and time again closing even the most complex transactions, but do not take our word for it! Check out these reviews!

To most efficiently apply, it is best to complete his Free Online Application found HERE.

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If you would like to contact Michael directly, here is his contact information he is always happy to help:  

Michael Gayda
Prime Lending Senior Loan Officer

Cell:  (904) 813-0415
Work:  (904) 394-1420