Multiple Offer Scenario

1751 Dancy Street, Jacksonville, FL 32205

Thank you for your interest in the 1751 Dancy Street TRIPLEX!

The Seller has directed us to establish a fair and efficient way of communicating updates on the multiple offer scenario to all buyers. The Seller has approved the use of this website and information in writing.

*All agreements must be made in writing and signed by all parties. 

   Fact Box

  • The listing is currently ACTIVE and AVAILABLE

  • The highest offer amount received as of 5/12/2022 at 9:00 PM is $512,500.00. The Seller has directed us to update the highest offer amount received multiple times a day until the highest and best due date and time. 

  • All offers must be submitted in writing according to the Offer Instructions found in the MLS Documents (link below if needed).

  • The Seller has the right to counter, accept or reject any offers according to the Multiple Offer Notice found in the MLS Documents (link below if needed)

  • This offered amount does not reflect the amount in any escalatory addenda.

  • All highest and best offers should be sent to the Seller by Saturday the 14th at 5:00 PM. 

  • Click here for a PDF copy of the MLS Documents

  • Feel free to ask any questions in the chat window in the bottom right corner.