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Cash at closing

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This will reserve your $1000.00 cash at closing for up to two (2) years.

Collect $1000.00 at closing when you purchase a property through Pacifico Properties using a loan through Prime Lending within 2 years!

No commitment, no pressure.

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To increase your purchasing power it is imperative to project a level of seriousness by being prepared. A loan Pre-Approval will help us shop for your next purchase in a comfortable price range, and help convey to the seller that you mean business.

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Secure your $1000.00 cash at closing today!

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Additional Information:

Pacifico Properties, combined with a contribution from Preferred Lender to be determined at closing, will pay up to One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) in total towards required customary closing costs which include: rate buydown, owner's title insurance premium, fees for the appraisal, credit report, tax-related service fee, flood certificate, underwriting, document preparation, mortgage assignment, appraiser's final inspection, lender's title insurance, title search and endorsements, recording fees, state documentary stamps, final survey, and pest inspection. The payment(s) will appear on Buyer's settlement statement as a credit(s) from Broker, Seller, and/or Lender, and such credit(s) shall be allocated first toward the title insurance premium, and thereafter as determined by Seller. The order of allocation of credits to closing costs set forth in the foregoing sentence shall apply even if the Buyer's settlement statement identifies credit(s) from Seller and/or Lender but does not specifically identify the closing costs to which the credit(s) are allocated.  Buyer will pay prepaid and all other optional closing costs including if applicable: mortgage origination fee, mortgage discount points, personal attorney fees, VA funding fee, FHA mortgage insurance, private mortgage insurance premiums, and related fees, homeowner's association assessments including working capital contributions, estoppel fees, transfer fees and any _ other fees associated with homeowner's associations and/or community development (CDD).

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