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PuroClean Water Extraction

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Wayne Terry’s Jacksonville-based PuroClean Emergency Services takes pride in quick response, knowledgeable technicians, and the right equipment to do the job correctly the first time. PuroClean Emergency Services is available 24/7 and will arrive on site within two hours of any emergency call. PuroClean Emergency Services is here to help get customer’s lives back to normal as quickly as possible.

PuroClean Emergency Services is Veteran owned, and many of the technicians are also Veterans. Even at 2AM these technicians are empathetic and patient, because they know most customers have never experienced this type of loss. These technicians fully understand that experiencing a flood, fire, or bio-hazard situation is quite stressful! With PuroClean Emergency Services, you can rest easy, as these technicians have seen big messes before, and know exactly how to clean it up. Customers can always feel confident to ask questions about the process, and the technicians will explain why things are done a certain way. PuroClean Emergency Service’s technicians are certified by the IICRC and/or ACAC in water loss, flood, mold, fire, bio-hazard services, and carpet cleaning. They will follow these industry guidelines to ensure that the job is done correctly, the first time. PuroClean Emergency Service provides training weekly to their crew to keep everyone up to date on processes and procedures.

PuroClean Emergency Services restores lives with a focus on exceptional service. PuroClean Emergency Services will arrive when they say they will be there, and follow through with what they say they will do. PuroClean Emergency Services treats the customer and their belongings with respect. Technicians care for the property as though it were their own. Technicians will communicate with all parties that need to be informed with the status of the situation. PuroClean Emergency Services can handle large commercial jobs to small residential. PuroClean Emergency Services works with all insurance companies. Having the best equipment means in many cases PuroClean Emergency Services can save on reconstruction costs, and the time customers are unable to live or work in their property. PuroClean Emergency Services will prevent further damage by saving whatever is possible in accordance to the IICRC S500 and S520 guidelines.

You never know when an emergency situation like a flood, fire, or bio-hazard may occur. Add PuroClean Emergency Services to your cell phone’s emergency contact list, so you aren’t searching for help in a panic. Call them now for a mold estimate or carpet steam clean at (904) 573-3566

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