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Property Management

We have a reputation for delivering expert and comprehensive property management solutions.

Full service property management

Pacifico Properties provides full service property management, ensuring that the homeowner's property is well-cared for and maintained to the highest standards. This includes managing all aspects of the property, from overseeing tenants and collecting rent to handling maintenance and repair requests, keeping financial records, and ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations. We also facilitate regular property inspections, prompt and effective communication, and a personalized approach to meet the specific needs of the homeowner and their property. With full service property management, homeowners can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their property is in good hands and is being expertly managed.

Tenant placement only

Pacifico Properties offers expert tenant placement services to ensure that the homeowner's property is leased to a qualified tenant utilizing strict tenant requirements. The tenant placement process involves all aspects of placing the tenant under a lease agreement and is designed to ensure that the homeowner's property is occupied by a responsible and reliable tenant. We will handle tasks such as advertising the property, screening prospective tenants, negotiating the lease agreement, and conducting move-in procedures. After the tenant has been placed under lease, the homeowner takes over management of the property. With Pacifico Properties' tenant placement services, homeowners can trust that their property will be leased to a high-quality tenant, providing them with peace of mind and a stress-free leasing experience.

Homeowner's Online portal overview

The Online Portal is a secure, mobile-friendly, Online platform that allows tenants and homeowners to manage their property-related tasks such as viewing account balances, submitting payments, requesting maintenance, viewing documents, and purchasing or uploading insurance policies. 

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Premium Marketing

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We procure premium tenants with minimum vacancies utilizing a premium marketing system

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